Even after you take a step of faith, just one step, there's still an unsettling feeling. The enemy strikes the hardest in the midst of that first step because he begins to play the track "are you sure you did the right thing?" We've all heard that one. And that track BLARES when we are in the midst of the first step of faith. 

I remember a period of time, around middle school, when I started listening to some music that was questionable to my parents. There'd be times I'd be in my room, stereo CRANKED while I was off in my own little world. Occasionally my parents would bust in and turn the music down and say "what is this garbage you're listening to?" That's exactly what God does. He kicks down the door, turns off that track that the enemy is blaring in our ears and says "what is this garbage you're listening to!?"

We stepped out in faith to partner with Atwood Elementary last week as a church. Within a few days, God provided the most comforting affirmation saying to us "you're exactly where I want you to be. I got this!"

So here's the update. A local office supply company that I reached out to is donating THOUSANDS of pencils to us to divide up among the classes. They are also letting us purchase, at cost, dry erase markers, clorox wipes and tissue (which are the items the principal said the classrooms are constantly in need of). But the principal told us the most immediate need was regarding technology. She was able to use a grant to purchase iPads for two full classes at a time. But she doesn't have a way to mass charge them and none of them have cases. Storytellers is taking care of the charging situation but with a shout of affirmation, God used another resource that we reached out to. Jillian's Coney Island (Chesterfield, MI) has stepped up to donate HALF of the money we want to raise for those iPad cases! (Dick Vitale's voice: "Are you serious? That's awesome baby!")

In less than a week, we're seeing God move in this thing in ways we could never have dreamed. You know why? Because it's His thing! Not something we planned or created. It's His! And just like that, the enemy has retreated and God once again tells His kids "stop listening to that garbage. It's no good for you."

His voice is the only one that mattes. It's up to us if we're going to make sure it's the loudest voice in our lives.


All to Him,

Bryan Ball